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Brooklyn Copper Cookware 10" Flat Cover

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Before the advent of automatic lathes, before the industrial revolution, back when the advent of sheet copper was a big deal, pans were formed over tree stumps and everything had to do double or even triple duty...

...there was the flat cover.

Simple, elegant and perfect for any pan up to 9.75" diameter, cut from tempered 1.75mm copper and riveted to our own Stork-designed Stang handle. Your hand stays off the heat column, your cooking is precisely ventable, your cover hangs neatly away when not in use - which will be rarely.

The 10" Flat Cover pairs with the 9.5" Sauté, 3 Quart Rondeau, 6 Quart Casserole and 14 Quart Stocker.

The Brooklyn Copper Cookware 10 Inch Flat Cover.

  • .068 (1.75mm) copper stays flat
  • Heavy, hand-wiped tin lining
  • Pure, elemental metals
  • Solid copper rivets
  • Custom Stork cast-iron stang handle stays cool
  • 10.1125” diameter for stable venting
  • 4.25” height, 16” overall length
  • Weight 2.8 pounds (will vary slightly)