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Saber 3-Burner Rotisserie Spit Rod

The SABER 3-Burner Rotisserie Spit Rod is custom made for SABER 3-Burner Gas Grills so that it will not interfere with the side shelf or side burner areas. Set up a rotisserie to cook whole chickens, turkey or roasts.

    • 28.8-inch rod fits all SABER 3-Burner Gas Grills
    • Premium 304 stainless steel square spit rod
    • Holds up to 20-pounds for larger foods
    • Won’t interfere with side shelf or side burner area
    Works with these products:

    R50CC0612 , R50CC0312 , R50SC0012 , R50SB0412 , R50CC1715 , R50CC0317 , R50CC0617 , R50SC0017